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History of Dependability

Since its founding in 1970, Simplex System Controls has worked hard to be a company you can trust. Built on standards of integrity and loyalty to its customers, it is no wonder that once a business chooses Simplex for their control panel needs, they continue to come back. Today, most Simplex customers have either worked with Simplex on past projects or have been a customer referral. Additionally, Simplex has maintained 20+ year relationships with quality vendors who are committed to quick delivery and competitive pricing.

Complete Industrial & BJ Electric Supply.

Hoffman & Pentair Safeguard Industrial Controls, Electrical Components, Data Communications and Electronics.

Steiner Metal Work & Industrial Supplies.

IEC builds standard or custom enclosures to meet your specifications. You can modify them to meet all of your application needs.

Independent, Premier Electrical Distributor.

Holistic Approach

Our Holistic approach integrates our product, process, and people to ensure our customers receive the very best.

Superior Product
At Simplex System Controls, we start with the end in mind. While our competitors may merely quote the initial design, they often ignore the most important question…Will the design work as is, or will they hit you with additional costs later? From the moment we receive your request for quote, our experts will examine its scope, field requirements, environment considerations, layout efficiency, budget, timeline, and both the consistency and compatibility of product design. By spotting potential issues BEFORE the quote, we can ensure that it will be as accurate and transparent as possible. Our line-by-line quote therefore includes all items necessary for the panel to function properly, saving you production delays and hidden costs.
Innovative Process: Ease of Doing Business, Superior Quality Control

Ease of Doing Business

We understand that engineers are overworked! At Simplex System Controls, giving you the best possible experience is our top priority. From the moment your order is placed, one of our project managers will be devoted to meeting your needs quickly and easily through a single point of contact. Using our detailed project management system, JobBoss, they can even begin your build while final details are still being decided! Your personal project manager will be available for the duration of your build and will follow-up upon delivery of the control panel to confirm your successful launch. There is nothing we enjoy more than another satisfied Simplex customer!

Superior Quality Control

Keeping your project on schedule and on budget is important! We check the control panel at every stage of production so you can be confident that it will commission cleanly in the field. This means no lost production time, no delayed ROI, no fines, and no additional time or money spent on repairs. To ensure superior quality control, our QC manager reports directly to the president of Simplex. As part of our process, we will:

  • Conduct visual reviews to ensure there are no loose wires or wire strands, the panel layout is correct, all components match BOM, the wires are sized properly, etc.
  • Energize panels & perform point to point testing
  • Conduct air pressure testing of pneumatics
  • Connect a load to VFDs during testing
  • Load PLC with base-level hardware configuration to test I/O
  • Document of findings, fixes, and results
  • Support Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)

Right People for the Job
Ever since Simplex was founded in 1970, this family-owned business has worked to provide the very best for our customers. We believe that starts with building a team of experienced professionals who are passionate about their work. Our team leads the industry in knowledge, with our shop employees averaging 17 years of industry experience and our project managers averaging 24 years of industry experience. As a UL trained and certified facility with hazardous location experience, our team of 30+ employees can meet the needs of any project. At Simplex System controls, we have built and maintained strong vendor relationships for over 40 years, and we know that is a direct result of our superior products, our innovative process, AND our incredible people. Let us go to work for you today!

Superior Industry Knowledge

We have many stories to illustrate our superior industry knowledge. With our vast knowledge, we bring the best solutions for our customers for an infinite range of problems. We’ve included stories’ below:

Designing Control Panels for Expansion

Designing a plan for expansion is one story that highlights our industry knowledge and creative solutions.

Customers/Audience: Engineers, Food & Beverage Industry, Project Managers, Plant Managers, Capacity Managers

Problem/Situation: Design control panels that enable and support future expansion plans.

Solution: Perhaps the greatest success of this project for future expansion was the way in which we designed the panel to support additional production/assembly lines in the future. We understand that lost production can significantly impact a company’s earnings and ability to meet their customers’ needs. We made the process of adding components to the panel quick and easy by designing the main enclosure sub­panel to include mounting studs that were sized for smaller sub­panels to attach to.

Download the complete article: “Designing Control Panels for Expansion”

Cover snap shoot of a control panels built for expansion.

Fire Restoration Project

Designing a plan for expansion is one story that highlights our industry knowledge and creative solutions.

Customers/Audience: Engineers, Food & Beverage Industry, Project Managers, Plant Managers, Capacity Managers

Problem/Situation: Massive fire in a plant destroyed equipment on several floors.

Solution: Because of our familiarity with the customer’s requirements, they asked that Simplex construct the control panels and assist the engineering firm in adhering to their stringent specifications, of which the engineering firm was not familiar.

Download the complete article: “Fire Restoration Project”

Graphic Cover of Case Study article of Massive fire.

Drawbridge Control Panels

We pride ourselves on being leaders of innovation and are confident in our ability to meet the most complex needs of our customers.

Customers/Audience: Major U.S. City

Problem/Situation: In preparation for a worldwide government forum the city needed cameras for security installed, enclosures required a NEMA 3R rating to protect against the external elements.

Solution: To ensure the enclosure would withstand the movement of the bridge, constant vibrations caused be traffic, and accommodate other conditions, etc., there were many special features built in the enclosure.

Download the complete article: “Drawbridge Project”

Cover Snapshot of Red Drawbridge Control Panel


Our Promise to our customersThe Simplex Promise

• Integrity
• Accurate Quoting and Fair Pricing
• Superior Quality Control
• Precise Project Management
• On-Time Delivery
• Hardware Commissioning Cleanly in the Field


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