Quality Should be More Than Just a Slogan

You may remember Zenith – the Chicago based consumer electronics company. Perhaps you, your parents, or even your grandparents owned a Zenith television or radio.

You might also remember Zenith’s slogan, “The quality goes in before the name goes on.” One of the most famous slogans of all time, it debuted in 1927, and remained the company’s calling card for more than 60 years.

Elegant in its simplicity, the slogan effectively communicated Zenith’s commitment to quality.

Quality First, Integrity Always

Like Zenith, the team at Simplex takes great pride in our slogan. “Quality First, Integrity Always,” similarly encapsulates our values and unwavering commitment to quality.

Since our founding in 1970, we’ve built our reputation on the quality of our work, our expertise, and our ability to complete projects on time and on budget.

Although there are many dimensions to control panel quality including design and construction, one aspect in particular –testing – merits a closer look.


Before a control panel leaves Simplex, it is submitted to a rigorous quality control and testing process. Testing procedures ensure that the panel is constructed as designed and works as intended.

The first step of our panel testing process is a cross check of the bill of materials (BOM) with the project requirements. Each component is reviewed to ensure it meets the voltage requirements and the rating of each component is verified to meet the anticipated field connections.

In addition, wire connections are individually inspected and screw connections are checked for the correct torque. To facilitate ease of installation for the end-user, the accuracy and proper placement of labels is also verified.

Lastly, Simplex inspectors energize the panel. One by one, each wire is powered, components are turned on, and proper functioning is confirmed. If a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is specified, the inspector will connect a laptop and download a base level configuration in order to read every input and trigger every output – whether digital or analog.

Specialty tests – for example, Hi-Pot or Factory-Acceptance-Tests (FAT) are available per customer request.

The Simplex Difference

In a recent conversation, Bradley Patz, Lead Electrical & Controls Engineer at Foth Production Solutions discussed how his company relies on Simplex to deliver the highest quality panels for his customers.

“As an engineering consulting firm, we design and source control panels for a wide variety of manufacturers notably in the food, beverage and paper industries. Throughout my career, I’ve sourced control panels from dozens of companies. I can say that Simplex is top notch and I highly recommend them.”

Brad related that by working with Simplex installation time is reduced, “When I install and power up a Simplex panel on site, I’m confident it will work.”

When asked what sets Simplex apart from other shops Brad stated that it comes down to three things – flexibility, testing, and customer service.

Brad indicated that even before assembly begins, “Simplex will look at the design schematics and let me know if there is a better or more efficient way to construct the panel. We’ll work together to plan adjustments. That’s a testament to how flexible they are.”

Brad also praised Simplex’s testing process. “They test their panels thoroughly before they leave the shop.” It’s more than just powering up the panel – all the components are checked and double checked.”

He continued that, “Simplex has great people and great service. They stand by their panels 100%.” On the rare occasion there is an issue during installation, Brad said that, “Simplex will help resolve the issue right away. They do what it takes and are accommodating and responsive.”

More Than Just a Slogan

Quality First, Integrity Always is more than just a slogan – it’s how we do business. Discover why Foth Production Solutions and dozens of other companies rely on Simplex to meet customer demands for high quality control panels. Learn more here or call us at 630-766-8401.